Introduction ~ Freelance

Quick introduction, I hope.

I've looking into freelancing (writing) for a while now, and one of the ideas/suggestions I see over & over is a web site. So, I will be setting up this page to help let those looking for a freelance worker, that 'yes' I would like to work for you.

Work Experience

The only real work experience that I do have is from seven years of IC (independent contractor) work that I have been doing for a court research company.

I would like to improve my knowledge of freelancing, and this is one way that I know of doing so.

If you give me all of your details of what you are wanting written or copied, I promise I will do my best to fulfill it.

Social Networking

I have the following accounts for 'social networking': Twitter, Facebook, Google +.

Many seem to prefer LinkedIn, but as I've decided to cut the number of social networking sites I have, LinkedIn will not be one I will be using.

I wish to keep to one site for posting, so any ideas that I may have will probably show up on here at some point.

You can help

If anyone who reads this blog would like to help out by spreading the word that I am willing to work; copying, writing, data entry,copying pdf 's to txt, I'll even articles (these may not be easy for me as I'm still getting started and also I think from fear of rejection), I'll give 100% at any job.

Thank you for stopping by, now go play in the sunshine. ;)

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