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Book Review: Victoria Thompson - Murder on Marble Row

~ Victoria Thompson: Murder on Marble Row (Gaslight Mystery series, #6)~

My Rating: Three out of four
(1=didn't like it, 2=it was ok, 3=I liked it, 4=Really like it)

When an explosion kills wealthy industrialist Gregory Van Dyke, Police Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt presumes that anarchists are responsible and personally asks Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy to track them down. Malloy is up to the challenge – but he faces a different kind of challenge when he encounters Sarah Brandt paying a condolence call on the Van Dykes. Faced with the impossibility of ever expressing his true feelings for Sarah, Frank had vowed never to see or work with her again...

For her part, Sarah is glad to working with Malloy again – though they clash over his conviction that the murder was politically motivated. Frank would like to dismiss her concerns, but whether he likes it or not he needs Sarah's help, because she knows the marble facades of Fifth Avenue hide as many dark and twisted secrets as any tenement on the Lower East Side...

My take:
The murder of millionaire Gregory Van Dyke and the crime solving duos of Malloy and Sarah, will they find the person responsible for the death?

Police Commissioner Roosevelt wants it solved to everyone's satisfaction. He assigns Malloy to the case, hoping to have it solved quickly, quietly and without any scandal for the newspapers to find.

Finding Sarah's mother at the Van Dyke's making a condolence call is a surprise, finding Sarah there is something worse. Forbidding her to become involved has never worked before and doesn't work this time.

Sarah does help him find some important information about the case, information that points to one of the family being responsible for the death of the senior Van Dyke. With four family members and the business partner, Malloy has his hands full. Of Van Dyke's sons, the oldest would seem to have good reason for his father's death. The second son would seem to not have a motive, the daughter also seems to have no motive, till her secret comes out... Their step-mother would have everyone believe she is the grieving widow of the much loved senior Van Dyke, till more is uncovered about her personality, along with her lack of constraint.

During the story Malloy meeting both of Sarah's parents, which is something of a surprise for him. Will there be any future for Sarah and Malloy?

I believe the author did another fine job on this novel. The using of real events to make a story come alive and let those reading know what, to a certain extent, things were like at a certain time in history is rewarding and challenging.

I look forward to the next book in the series. To seeing how Malloy and Sarah continue on their own personal journey.

Warning: Contains sexual themes and violence that may be uncomfortable for sensitive readers.

Disclaimer: This book review was not paid for. The opinions and review are my own.

Author: Victoria Thompson
Book: Murder on Marble Row (Gaslight Mystery #6)
ISBN: 978-0-425-19870-4
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group, The
Copyright: 2004
Pages: 310, Paperback
Genre: Historical Mystery

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