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Book Review: Victoria Thompson - Murder on Mulberry Bend

~ Victoria Thompson :  Murder on Mulberry Bend (Gaslight Mystery #5) ~

My Rating:  Three out of four
(1=didn't like it, 2=it was ok, 3=I liked it, 4=I really like it)

     The Prodigal Son Mission on Mulberry Bend stands as a refuge for girls who otherwise would have to live by by selling the only thing they have of value - themselves. The work being done there so impresses Sarah that she volunteers to help out however she can - with clothes, with medical assistance, with the organization of a benefit dinner. And when on of the girls is found dead and refused burial because of her former life, Sarah's passion for justice is aroused.

     Reluctantly, Sergeant Frank Malloy agrees to look into the death, if only to keep Sarah from endangering herself by pursuing the matter. But Sarah cannot be kept out of the investigation - and just as Malloy feared, her attempts to find the cause of the unfortunate girl's death in the circumstances of her life put her in deadly danger - from an unexpected source...

My take:
     In this novel Frank and Sarah investigate the death of a young girl from a mission on Mulberry Bend, Emilia. It would seem that someone hated her and didn't want her to bother them any more, but was that the truth.

     As the story unfold, Frank and Sarah find that all is not what it seems on the surface at the Prodigal Son Mission. Someone there is trying to save the girls, but from themselves.

     They do find the murderer just in time to stop another death from happening, it wasn't who they thought and for reasons they can't completely understand.

     Victoria Thompson has done a wonderful job with the Gaslight Mysteries series, the finding of the materials for the stories wouldn't seem to be easy for rest of us, using history to make a novel come to life, with events that could have happened and a story line with characters that make you want to read the next installment, is in all a good thing.

Warning:  Contains violence that may be uncomfortable for sensitive readers.
Disclaimer: This book review was not paid for. The opinions and review are my own.

Author:  Victoria Thompson
Book:  Murder on Mulberry Bend (Gaslight Mystery #5)
ISBN: 978-0-425-18910-8
Publisher:  Berkley Publishing Group, The
Copyright:  2003
Pages:  343, paperback
Genre:  Historical Mystery


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