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Book Review: Victoria Thompson - Murder on Washing Square

~ Victoria Thompson: Murder on Washington Square (Gaslight Mystery series, #4)~

My Rating: Three out of four
(1=didn't like it, 2=it was ok, 3=I liked it, 4=Really like it)

To Sarah Brandt, the mere thought of mild-mannered banker Nelson Ellesworth murdering his mistress seemed absurd. But to the police, it made perfect sense. Especially since the woman was allegedly carrying his child. But Sarah met the young woman the day before the incident. And something in her eyes made it quite clear that she was neither as poor nor as innocent as she would have people believe.

Now it will take the seasoned skill of Detective Frank Malloy to help clear Mr. Ellsworth's good name. And to determine if Sarah's suspicions are correct – that the victim may have been the victimizer...

My take:
“The truth was that doctors knew very little about many things, and medicine was as much intuition and guesswork and luck as it was skill and knowledge.”, (quote 'thought' by Sarah Brandt in Murder on Washington Square.) In this and the previous novels with Sarah and Frank they are investigating the death of a young woman found in Washington Square.

The beat cops know the woman's name and where she lives. Can Malloy solve the case of why she was found in Washington Square and keep the wrong persons from being convicted of the crime?

I found myself wanting to skip ahead to see what would happen next in the story line. Overall the story will hold your attention while reading, you can finish and still come back for a second read through at a later date and still be satisfied with the story and characters.

There are some plot twists that might take a few readers by surprise, but not all readers. And for the relationship between Malloy and Sarah is advancing, there are obstacles.

In all this was another good book in the series, and I look forward to the next installment of Gaslight mysteries.

Warning: Contains violence that may be uncomfortable for sensitive readers.
Disclaimer: This book review was not paid for. The opinions and review are my own.

Author: Victoria Thompson
Book: Murder on Washington Square (Gaslight Mystery #4)
ISBN: 0425184307
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group, The
Copyright: 2002
Pages: 306, Paperback
Genre: Historical Mystery

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